Wispact Contribution Agreement

Staff How They Help You 21 Sample Distribution Request Form 23 Appointment of Trustee Disbursement Agent for Recurring Purchases Form 24 For more information and to determine how your customers can benefit from wisPACT participation, visit www.wispact.org or contact Jack Longert at org jlongert wispact wispact jlongert org or at (608) 268-6006, Extension 201. WisPACT staff are available to speak directly to you or your client, as well as groups of people with disabilities and their advocates. 12 12 The trust may be used only for the beneficiary. This means that the trust cannot pay the beneficiary`s gifts to others. In general, the Social Benefits Act prohibits cash distributions. This means that the trust generally cannot compensate the beneficiary or others for things that have already been purchased or paid for. Instead, the trust would have to (1) pay a business or service provider directly for the goods or services it provides to the recipient, (2) reimburse a third party who purchased the goods or services for the recipient, or (3) make a direct payment on a credit card statement. In order for a third party to be reimbursed, an agent contract is mandatory. Please contact your beneficiary specialist if an agent contract is desirable. If non-profit regulations are not complied with, the recipient`s public benefits may be reduced or lost altogether; placement on waiting lists may be lost; and in some cases, the government may begin to make recovery efforts to obtain reimbursement for benefits unduly paid. Finally, the Public Benefits Act requires the trustee to make distribution payments at his or her discretion. A beneficiary or advisor must contact the beneficiary without delay if the beneficiary`s public services change.

How can complications be minimized? Complications can be minimized if the beneficiary/consultant and WisPACT can work to make initial arrangements. Depending on the public benefits the recipient receives, there are often strategic ways to achieve what they want. Applications for vehicles, housing and other major applications must be pre-approved and often require additional processing time. How do I apply for distribution? Normally, the appointed fiduciary advisor or beneficiary completes the uniform RFD (distribution request) form and attaches the corresponding declarations, invoices or other explanatory information on the items to be purchased. We recommend that you consolidate multiple invoices on a single RFD form to reduce the number of requests. This is because after processing five requests per month, there is a $10.00 fee for each additional request. .

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