Uk Bulgaria Double Tax Agreement

The new agreement also contains provisions on the exchange of tax information. New tax rates have also been set for the taxation of dividends: Bulgaria signed its first double taxation agreement with the United Kingdom in 1987. The agreement was made possible in Bulgaria in 1988 and gradually in the United Kingdom. According to the content of those documents, the Convention lays down provisions for the avoidance of double taxation as regards income tax and capital gains tax, in order to promote economic cooperation between Bulgaria and the United Kingdom. In order to achieve economic cooperation, the Double Taxation Convention applies to both British and Bulgarian companies and citizens. The double taxation convention was last amended in March 2015, but it has not yet been applied. In the case of the United Kingdom, the List of Cypriot Tax Treaties (EN) List of Cypriot Tax Treaties (EL) The Treaty establishes rules for mutual assistance between the United Kingdom and the Bulgarian tax authorities for the collection of taxes, including default interest, penalties and collection costs. SloveniaList of Slovenian tax treaties (EN) General information on tax treaties (SL) Each Contracting State informs the other of the conclusion of the procedures necessary for the entry into force of the DTT under its law. .

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