Treatment Room Rental Agreement

b. Noise: To maintain a quiet environment for counseling and training, tenants and their clients should speak softly in the areas right in front of the boardrooms and training rooms. The use of mobile phones is only permitted in the Community domain. In all other parts of the building, turn off your mobile phone. 1) Provide a clean, safe and confidential environment for the practitioner and client. 2) Provide a receptionist who meets and greets guests, invoices, payments for rooms and appointments arranged by guests. 3) Inform the practitioner/professional of any correspondence sent to Change and keep it safe and confidential until it can be retrieved. 4) If possible, inform at least 24 hours about building closures due to bad weather, etc. 5) Indicate one month in advance if the rooms are no longer used for rental purposes. 6) In the case of training, you offer to use the projector, whiteboard, refreshments and photocopies for a small fee. 7) Handle all complaints and claims in accordance with the Amendment Complaints Directive (attached). Non-payment of the invoice may result in the cancellation of the reservation and the absence of a room reservation by the tenant until all remaining fees are paid. Non-payment beyond 30 days may lead to formal recovery measures.

During standard break periods – dates to be set by AJA – you are not charged two weeks for Christmas/New Year, one week for Easter and two weeks in August. You can continue to work in your rooms during official breaks, but if your own vacation is not scheduled during these standard break periods, you will have to pay for your rooms during your vacation to secure them. 1.1 Three psychotherapy rooms are available and a seminar room for meetings. h. Messages: Trust does not provide a service to accept messages for customers or users of the space. You should speak directly to your client if circumstances change or if you have a plan with each client stating what they need to do if you are late or not in a meeting. The recommended practice (especially for meeting a first customer) is to meet your customers at the front door. If you enter after work, you will receive the access code to the front door as soon as you have signed this agreement. This access code is changed twice a year, so please contact the trust to make sure you have the current access code. This code must not be passed on to customers or other persons under any circumstances. I agree to abide by the house rules mentioned above, bring back the room I rented in its original order, and respect the need to be quiet in the apartment while other rooms are occupied. I will point out to my clients that it is privately owned.

no phone calls or noise in common areas, for example; Hallway and stairwell.. . . .

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