Custody Agreement Violation

Failure to change a custody or visitation order can also have a negative impact on the child. The child can be put in situations that are confusing or even dangerous for him. In comparison, if the changes are first conducted by the family court system, the court can make the right decision based on the best interests of the child. It is also advisable to inform the court as soon as possible as soon as a potential infringement has been detected. This way, you can avoid doing something that could also be an injury. Instead, you should contact a family law lawyer as soon as possible. Your lawyer can go to your ex`s lawyer to try to get things done. If an agreement is not reached in this way, your lawyer can apply to the court to compel the injuring parent to comply with the legal provisions. For unmoiled parents or divorced co-parents, custody issues are often a top priority. Many co-parents strive to reach child care arrangements that are made, fairly and ultimately beneficial. Unfortunately, these agreements are almost enforceable. What can you do if a parent or legal guardian violates the terms of your custody agreement? Depending on the circumstances of the offence and the injuring party`s behavioural history of respecting or ignoring the custody agreement, a judge has many enforcement instruments at his disposal.

See our previous contribution, Enforcement of Child Support Orders. The judge determines the outstanding amount for family allowances. Before this end, the vast majority of child custody offences can be managed in a reasonable manner. There are a number of options available for co-parents, including filing a request for non-compliance. “Non-compliance” essentially means that a person has violated a court order that, in this case, would relate to your custody agreement.

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