Atlas Ti End User License Agreement

The reseller shall ensure that the legal status of the reseller is clearly indicated in this context. Advertising actions are subject to consultation with the seller before their publication. Campus Licenses: Please note that campus licenses (like all subscription licenses) may be sold exclusively by certified resellers. The reseller discount for Campus licenses is limited to a maximum of 10% for all resellers (although your discount is usually higher). The reason for this is that we take care of all administrative activities and support, which is significantly higher than for other licenses. 1. Seller shall provide reseller with the software in a condition free from defects of a physical or legal nature. Defects that only significantly affect the suitability for use of the Software shall not be considered defects within the meaning of this Agreement. Functional deficiencies caused by the hardware and software environment provided by the reseller, errors in use, erroneous external data, computer network malfunctions or other reasons under the responsibility of the reseller are not considered defects within the meaning of this contract.

5. Both the seller and ATLAS.ti GmbH have the right to revoke the license rights for an essential reason. In particular, there is an essential reason where the reseller is in arrears in paying a substantial part of the remuneration or if the reseller does not comply with the terms of the license and does not resolve it immediately after the seller`s written request, including the seller`s announcement of the resiliency of the license. Upon termination of the license, the reseller must return the original software and any copies thereof to ATLAS.ti GmbH and delete the stored programs….

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