What`s In The Apple User Agreement

If you don`t install the latest version of the system software as quickly as possible, you`ve broken the deal. If you rent, rent, sublicens, edit, edit, correct, adjust or translate the PS4 software, you have broken the agreement. If you “have a… Modified material” with the PS4, you broke the agreement. – All other services (including, but not limited to iTunes Store, Apple Music and Apple Podcasts): www.apple.com/legal/internet-services/itunes/itunesstorenotices/ So you just had a great weekend with your friends, and you decide to upload the images to your flickr, Twitpic, Instagram and other sites that allow you to instantly download and incessant internet exposureism. Who wouldn`t? That`s what`s great about social-networking. This is the perfect way to share your precious memories with only friends and family members that you think are close to the sacred shit enou, how did your face end up in a penis enlargement ad? The US tech giant shared personal information with 3.3 million users without their consent, according to the South Korean government. So why do we spend so much time ignoring the thousands of words from “end-user licensing agreements” (EULAs), if you prefer, to legally binding contracts that we approve every day? Is it possible to read the CGVs for everything a typical person does? Is it worth reading all this? Over the years, I have read hundreds of licensing contracts looking for small gothas and clear descriptions of rights. But I`ve never seen a legal document like the one Apple attached to its new iBooks Author program.

Microsoft agrees to pay users when it puts their data in response to a government request in violation of EU data protection laws. But the 5500 words of Google`s terms of use (including a separate but linked privacy policy) are actually surprisingly readable and good. Faced with an endless audit by users, regulators, competitors and the press, the company responded by imposing clear terms of use in English.

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